Copper and copper alloys are in high demand for electrical applications due to the metal’s high conductivity characteristics.  Requirements occur in electrical power generation, transmission and distribution.  Applications include hollow copper conductor for electrical generator stator coils, transformer induction coils and coolant tube for electrical generators.  Seamless tube is available in custom-shaped geometries such as square OD/round ID; square OD/square ID; and rectangle OD/ID for maximizing electrical current density and conductor cooling pathways.  Other electrical conductor tube applications include compression lugs, splices and electrical connectors used for terminating wire cable to bus conductors or grounding applications.


C10100, C10200, C12000, C12200


Annealed, Hard, Drawn to customer specification

Tube size range

Typically 0.151 – 2.625 inch OD


Level Wound Coils, Straight Lengths, Precision Cut Lengths


All applicable specifications