Small Tube Products supplies precision drawn tube used in key components made by transportation OEM’s and for the after-market.  Applications such as shell & tube heat exchangers and concentric oil coolers are used to cool fluids on reciprocating engine applications.  Fluids typically cooled include engine oil, brake fluids and transmission or torque converter fluids.  Demand is created by a variety of engine driven applications such as off-road machinery (excavators, bulldozers, haulers, etc.), electric power generation systems, on-highway vehicles, locomotives, marine (ships), petroleum and agricultural applications.


C12200, C23000, C44300, C70600, C71500


Annealed, Light Drawn, Drawn & Stress Relieved

Tube size range

Typically 0.156 – 1.000 inch OD


Level Wound Coil, Straight Lengths, Precision Cut Lengths


All applicable specifications