Tube applications in the welding industry include contact tips for MIG welding (GMAW), handles for gas torches, and a variety of other components including welding nozzles, wire guides, ground lugs, and connectors.  Contact tip tube is a high quality seamless copper tube drawn over a precision floating plug to assure tight tolerance ID sizing for optimal electrical-current-transfer (contact) between gun tip and weld wire.  Torch handle tube is made from brass material which is precision drawn through custom shaped tooling.  This tooling produces an OD surface “fluting” with an ergonomic overall shape to provide a non-slip handle grip which reduces operator fatigue.  Other tube geometries (duplex and triplex walled tubing) are available for unique applications.


C10200, C120000, C12200, C26000, C706000, C71500



Tube size range

0.188″ – 2.000″ OD


LWC, Straight Lengths, Precision Cut Lengths


All applicable specifications